We are here to help you? Our customer service team is available by email or phone to help you with any questions about our products.

How to measure gloves sizes

Take your glove and measure from the tip of the middle finger, through the back rolls of the glove, all the way to the end of the glove at the wrist. That measurement is the size of the glove.

Eagle’s warranty policy on palms

90 day palm warranty, 1 year – manufacturing defects (stitches/seams, etc) These warranty periods are for manufacturing defects and will not cover normal wear and tear or any abuse.

Warranty product claims purchased on the Eaglehockey.com site

Please contact us by email info@eaglehockey.com or call (800) 809-2230. Go to our warranty page for product warranty details

Warranty product claims purchased at an authorized retailer

Please contact the authorized retailer where you purchased the product.

Does Eagle sponsor teams?

Unfortunately, Eagle does not sponsor teams. We do, however, have a Team Program that is run through Eagle Hockey Authorized Retailers. Please contact your local retailer for more information.

Why do some retailers have items that are not listed on Eagle’s website?

There are times where you may find that a retailer has a unique Eagle item in their store, which may not be listed on our website. Some retailers choose to do their own SMU (Special Make-Up) product, or, carry older discontinued models that they continue to custom order. Feel free to email us at info@eaglehockey.com if you have questions on these items. In the future, EagleHockey.com will have a listing and photos of our older, discontinued glove models, for those that still wish to custom order them.